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The Joystrings Harp Secret:
Note Maps Make It Easy
What makes the Joystrings Harp easier to play than any other musical instrument? The secret is the note-map, a special kind of sheet music that shows you exactly where to pluck.  One lesson is all it takes to become a harp player!

To play a tune, slide its note-map into the Joystrings Harp.  Special tracks hold it flat against the harp, behind the strings.  Start at the top of the page and pluck the first note you see.  Follow the line from there to the next note, and pluck that.  Keep doing that to the end of the page.  That's all there is to playing the Joystrings Harp!  If you can see the page and move one finger, you can play the harp!

Changing "keys" is even easier.  Just slide the music sheet to the left to play lower, to the right to play higher.  The Joystrings Harp is chromatic, meaning you can play any piece in any key without retuning - in fact without needing to know what a "key" is!

Though the technique is easy, you play real music right from the start.  Take a look at our harp music. Many of our sheets have an easy, one-hand version printed on the front, and a version for both hands on the back. If you have friends with Joystrings Harps or join a harp group,
we have easy 2- and 3-part harmonies for multiple players.

With the Joystrings Harp you can forget about keys and clefs, sharps and flats, and all the technology of music.  Just make beautiful music, alone or with others, right from the start.  The harp players you'll hear on our music samples had been playing together once a week for just two months when they began playing in public concerts and making these recordings!

Want to know more?  Download and read the instruction manual for the Joystrings Harp!