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Joystrings Harp Video Clips

Here are some video clips of Joystrings Harps in action. Music brings joy to everyone, and with a Joystrings Harp you don't have to be a professional musician to be "the life of the party"!

1. Carol Sing & Play Along was featured on Delta Magazine December 2009! (Our thanks to Delta Community Cable (DCC) for permission to use this edition of Delta Magazine © 2009 DCC. Copies may be ordered from DCC):

. Audience volunteers at our concerts are often invited to play our Joystrings harps. These first-time players had received less than 5 minutes' training before playing this piece together:

3. The Harpeggio Ensemble from the June 2008 annual concert:

4. Joy to the World from our Christmas 2008 Community Singalong.  Fifteen Joystrings harps led 125 participants and 20 other instruments in this community singalong: