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Players And Press Talk
About The Joystrings Harp
Surrey Now Newspaper: (December 2003)
"One lesson is all it takes to become a harp player.  Believe it or not!  ...and best of all, in no time you can feel confident in making your little harp sing.  You will be hearing more about this harp..."

Sheila Walton:
"All these years I thought I would never be able to play in a group of any kind, so it's been a real blessing to me find an instrument that I can get satisfaction from's certainly very granddaughters have enjoyed trying it too, and they're only 5 and 7 years old, so it's for everyone."

Unknown man at a Harpeggio concert:
"I'm doing it!  I'm playing the harp!" (a typical reaction when we let the audience try the harp.)

Surrey Now Newspaper: (May 2004)
"It's so simple an instrument to learn that anyone can be making pleasing sounds in as little as 30 minutes.  It's really for anyone who doesn't have the time or skill to learn traditional note reading."

Mercedes Maat:
"This instrument has brought a lot of joy into my heart.  It's so easy, there's nothing complicated, and I hope you will try it too."

Der Bote:
"Kathy said she would teach us to play her harp when we had a spare moment.  Bryan got all inspired, so later, Kathy asked him to join her playing our special music. Bryan played the harp and Kathy accompanied on her guitar, and it was very beautiful."  (it was the first time Bryan had seen the harp.)

Mary Jackson:
"It's a good feeling knowing that you can play a real musical instrument.  This versatile harp meets the needs of people of all ages and abilities."